One can not help think that the horrific actions of 4 police officers set off a chain of events when they brutally murdered George Floyd. They knew full well that their actions decimated the rule of law, violated civil rights, and out right committed murder with malicious intent. As a result coinciding with other police atrocities of the past that also targeted African Americans have unleashed what just could be the spark that ignites the flames of open rebellion.

When the police act above the rule of law anarchy rises. And, too many of us are already witness to the violent protests that are now erupting all across the country. In too many instances law enforcement officers that are duly sworn to protect and serve the public fail to uphold their sworn duty. As a nation that is already succumbing to the rising tensions of racial injustice by years of governmental disingenuous policies, political corruption at the highest level, impoverished millions amidst a deadly Pandemic the President and Congress continue to fiddle while America burns. History is repeating just because we are letting it happen.

The actions of those police officers are a disgrace to law enforcement and each one of them should be drawn and quartered as they say. No one person or suspect should have to be brutalized by anyone especially law enforcement officers. Conversely, when such horrendous actions occur the public has to refrain from becoming and behaving just as horrible and despicable as these 4 police officers that brutally killed George Floyd. No one has the right to destroy property or injure other people just because of the actions that defied the rule of law. There is no justification where a violent act warrants violent retribution in response.

If we as a society continue to allow such violent reprisals by the public at large when any time a law enforcement officer or any one who commits violent atrocities like what happened to George Floyd this nation that is already on thin ice tyranny will rise out of the ashes of anarchy. What worries this writer is that such actions by the public disrespects the rights and safety of others while still in the death throws of a deadly Pandemic where social distancing and quarantines are still in effect. Other major concerns are the facts that so many jobs have been lost, wages slashed, the cost of living continues to escalate, while the moratorium on evictions late fees and mortgages have all been rescinded. These safety nets put in place when the Pandemic arrived are disappearing leaving millions facing homelessness, starvation and will only continue to cause this nation unbearable suffering.

When Congress passed that stimulus this past spring they knew full well that was not going to be nearly enough to stave off what is surely to become another national nightmare unless more financial support flows into every American’s wallet. And, with the Scrooge like mind frame of the Republican Party millions of Americans will continue to fall into the ever increasing cycle of poverty with very little chance of ever climbing out of. The frustration is showing the strain of not only the financial predicament of millions of Americans are in but when atrocities like what these 4 police offices did when they murdered George Floyd has brought out the worst in our society.

If we stay on this present course this nation will soon self destruct. What this nation needs is total reform of government, it’s policies both foreign and domestic and in essence to wake up to the facts that our nation is in real serious trouble. To acknowledge this is the first step toward righting the injustices that are currently keeping this nation divided. And, as Abraham Lincoln stated ” A nation divided can not stand.”

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